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Rhapis Gardens Catalog link RHAPIS GARDENS - Mail Order Catalog  
Lynn McKamey has been growing unusual plants at Rhapis Gardens since 1975. This link takes you to a "catalog website" featuring rare named varieties of Rhapis excelsa (Lady Palms), and Cycas revoluta (Sago Palms). 
Rhapis excelsa article and introduction RHAPIS EXCELSA - green & variegated varieties  
Rhapis excelsa is the only cultivated palm species in the world with named green and variegated varieties, each having a distinctive leaf shape and growth habit. This article is the introduction to Rhapis Garden's Catalog and provides detailed information and photographs of these elegant palms. 
Rhapis Palms article link RHAPIS PALMS - cultivated species  
A comprehensive article by Lynn McKamey:  Rhapis Palm trees - Cultivated Species & Varieties including Care and Culture of the "Ladies".  Includes facts & photographs of all types of Rhapis species. Originally published in Principes (now called PALMS), Journal of the International Palm Society. 
Ming Aralia photo and link to article by George Elbert MING ARALIAS and relatives  
An article about Polysicas, known as "Ming aralias" by George Elbert - includes news about the many different green and variegated kinds, photos of the most popular types, use as indoor Bonsai, plus care and culture.
Sago Palm link to article SAGO PALMS - Cycas Revoluta  
An article about Cycas revoluta, known as "King Sago Palms" - includes history, propagation, culture, and photographs of some unusual variegated specimens and bonsai forms.  You will also find a link to information about pollinating Cycas revoluta and growing them from seed and pups (offsets).
CISSUS IVY - new improved varieties  
An article detailing the history of Cissus rhombifolia and the new, improved varieties developed over the last twenty years.  Includes photos of the different forms, including variegated "grape ivy" and a new miniature kind.  Written by Lynn McKamey.
Link to information to Rhapis palm book. SECRET OF THE ORIENT - Rhapis Palm Book   
A 52 page comprehensive reference to Lady Palms, including Rhapis excelsa, R. humilis, R. subtilis, and other species. It contains the 300 year old history of Rhapis, complete care and culture, plus bonsai suggestions. Numerous illustrations and color photographs are included, and feature the rare green and variegated named varieties of Rhapis excelsa. Written by Lynn McKamey. 
Link to Palm Society web site
Established in 1956, the IPS has thousands of members in more than 80 countries worldwide. Members receive a quarterly journal and have access to a mail order book store, regional chapter meetings, and a membership roster.  The web site is full of palm information and links.
Link to ScubaMom's travel reviews, dive information, scuba icons, animations, and humor. ScubaMom's Gateway to Travel & Diving  
Travel articles and resort reviews by Lynn McKamey with information about Caribbean vacations, scuba diving, and snow-ski trip reports.  This web site also features FIN LAND FUN - a zany scuba related web site full of icons, animated gif files, and dive humor.
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