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Cissus rhombifolia - new varieties of grape ivy by Lynn McKamey
Cycas revoluta -King Sago Palms - article by Lynn McKamey
Cycas revoluta - pollination and seed growing
Polyscias - Ming Aralias article by George Elbert
Rhapis excelsa - Lady Palms - article
Rhapis Palm species and varieties article
Rhapis palms - collections in botanical gardens
The International Palm Society web site

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Cissus rhombifolia known as grape and oak-leaf ivy.
Polyscias known as Ming Aralias
Rhapis & Sago palms seed and seedlings
Rhapis excelsa palms green varieties
Rhapis excelsa palms in large sizes
Rhapis excelsa palms Mini-dwarf bonsai palms
Rhapis excelsa palms variegated varieties
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Sago Palms - Cycas revoluta
Selection of Decorative pots and potting soil 
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Rhapis Gardens palm books
>> Rhapis palm book - Secret of the Orient - a Lady Palm reference.
>>The Miniature Palms of Japan book - varieties of Rhapis excelsa
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